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Listen to James Cridland and Sam Sethi as they celebrate 'International Podcast Day'. 

GUESTS:: Ross Adams and Johan Billgren from Acast


1. Twitter has launched crypto-tipping using the lightning network: the same tool used by Podcasting 2.0 Value4Value apps. The tool uses the Strike API. It’s “rolling out” on iOS.

2. iOS 15's “Private Relay” has gone live: but what effect will it have on your podcast stats, and on ad-tech?  There’s also a new 1.25x playback speed control in Apple Podcasts in iOS 15. 

3. Love Apple Podcasts? You can now rate and review inbuilt iOS apps like Apple Podcasts. At the time of writing, Apple Podcasts was the company's worst-rated app with just 2.0 stars after 152 ratings.

4. Apple Podcasts has published its most popular paid subscriptions channels, and most popular free ones. They have never done this before. 

5. The world’s #3 podcast app, Google Podcasts, is getting a full Material You update. “Material You” will be the new style for Android 12, which is shortly to be released.

6. Research company Statistia has published a map of where podcasts are most popular. We tell you who are the top 3.

7. IMDb.com have created a great landing page for all of the winners and nominees from five years of British Podcast Awards!

8. A new podcast audio checking service called Vib3s has launched.

9. Podcast hosting company Transistor.fm has teased their upcoming dynamic audio insertion tool. The system will offer pre-roll and post-roll.

10. Podcast hosting company Captivate Audio Ltd revealed their new embeddable podcast player - it’s completely screenreader accessible, responsive and has a fully customisable design. The company also promises “a big reveal” later today on International Podcast Day. (Podland's host is an advisor.)

11. Wondery has launched a kids podcast subscription service, Wondery+ Kids. For $4.99, the service provides early access to new episodes and exclusive access to select episodes of favourite shows.

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