97: Tempted by the Fruit of Another
97: Tempted by the Fruit of Another
Alex tempts Chris with his Obsidian ways, our thoughts on Drobo going bankrupt, and Photoprism adding paid tiers. Plus, the slick suite of tools you'll want to run on your LAN.
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22 May
Great show guys
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23 May • Podcast Index
Boosting extra due to wordiness last time! My core concern: If you're de-Googling, does that include avoiding Google/GitHub/etc as identity providers? If yes, would you self-host the identity provider (e.g. Ory) at home?
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22 May
Portainer is basically just a UI slapped on top of Docker. Docker doesn't really do one click updates unless your using Compose or Swarm. We currently run Swarm and an older version of Portainer on my current work tasking. Swarm supports updating with multiple update strategies available based on whether you want services to go down during the update or not, but the version of Portainer we're using doesn't have UI support for that. Still you'd think that at this point they would have added that.
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22 May
Tp link's powerline adapters were a life saver early on in the pandemic. We were forced to work from home and my office is at the top of the house. Routing ethernet through the house wasn't feasible. The setup and pairing was easy. I'm still using it today.
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21 May
Thank You doe your hard work bringing the JB shows to us! Listening to Self Hosted, linux Unplugged, Linux Action News, Coder Radio among others! Listening from Dennark