MMO #72 – Patriotic Booty
MMO #72 – Patriotic Booty
Millennial Media Offensive

Durham dropped his detailed dossier. Dud or Dynamite? Dunno. James O'keefe calls his new media company, OMG......... No need for a joke, that's just a terrible name, but apparently gets details on reasons for firing Tucker Carlson. Guiliani may be a grumpy old pervert or he may just be a horny patriot. You decide! A Florida teacher is upset that people are upset with her. The West is still pushing for Ukraine NATO membership. Chine has a port addiction and Uncle Sam doesn't like it. Bob Lee, not just crazy Bob, but the Walgreens of Recreational drugs. Finally, we go fishing. Wokefishing. Another made up term. All this and more in episode 72 of the Millennial Media Offensive.

Chinese Port Map


Woke Fishing Article From Tom


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23 May
thanks again. fyi, a couple episodes ago you played a report stating donald trump was found guilty. you are not found guilty or innocent in civil court. more media spin. in civil court there are judgements for or against someone. also there is no bar for reasonable doubt
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23 May
holding the line for headloon. love to get your guys take on the politicians courting bitcoiners at the Miami Bitcoin conference. RFK jr, Tulsi, and Vivek all with speeches. OTO ⚡️
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17 May
🕳️🐇 Jump in chat: + stay OTO 🚫🧢
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