30: "The Talent"
30: "The Talent"
Curry and The Keeper

Curry & The Keeper - January 18th 2023 Episode 30 - "The Talent"


Tina is sick

Chicken Coop

Vertical vegetable garden

K&C Trip with Phoebe

No mRNA!

Annemieke and Chris

The Wine!

Progressive Dinner


I am The Storm - Janice Dean

Podfather Sign

Buying Bitcoin on Fountain and Podverse (also Breez)

Spirited Movie

Living up in a down world Podcast


Loving my Study Bible

Sonos DJ

Ate my Gummies

Teeth update


Meat Mafia

Ann and Wheldon coming through




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1 Feb
And in the category for best excuse ever, the Golden Globe goes to… Tina Marie Curry. “I was sick and I missed church so I ate a whole sack of talley wackers.” Bravo. Bravo. Standing ovation. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. #RoleModel #Influencer
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31 Jan
Dear C&TK, I finally figured it out and bought some bitcoin to boost! I love how the fountain app awards you sats for listening - moving all my podcast here now! We absolutely loved our time together in TX- love from FL - Annemieke & Chris
31 Jan
Hi from Philippines
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23 Jan
I think I've set up the fountain app correctly now. I've got a name now and some extra sats to return the value that I get out of your podcast! Its actually not the first time I boost but I count it as the first so can I get a decanting, please? Keep up the great work! Groetjes Marlies
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31 Jan
Dearest Adam & Tina, Your charming chemistry is an ebullient highlight of a corksoakers week. Records of your work here will be the ideal training model for any emergent sentience to comprehend the core value of existence itself. LOVE. So look no further than a.i. dot cooking for a podcast wherein such a development will be reported on by the sensitive and considerate lover, Gregory Foreman. Yo! - CSB
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19 Jan
Boost! Boost! Boost!
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25 Jan
Thanks for the great show. We are proud to be a couple of cork soakers. Signed, Sir Dank_Steady and Mrs Dank_Steady from Doty Island, Wisconsin.
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25 Jan
Our previous boost errored on Curry and the Keeper node and was successful on the rest of the splits. More sats for another attempt! TYFYC! Sir Dank_Steady and Mrs Dank_Steady from Doty Island, Wisconsin.
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20 Jan
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21 Jan
Turn it up to 11!
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19 Jan
1st donation. Please decant me. 1st boost ever. Thanks for introducing the Fountain app and how to earn/send sats, and buy sats inside the app. C&TK has become a favorite of my 100+ feed. Thanks for sharing your faith journey. I'm also reading through the New Testament this year. May your 2023 be filled with love and blessings.
21 Jan
congratulations on your 1st boost and welcome to the Value4Value community here on Fountain! 🙋🏼‍♂️ Thomas
21 Jan
Congrats 🎉
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Maybe I missed the announcement, but heard it on Living Up In a Down World.
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22 Jan
200 sats
19 Jan
cheers, there’s always great content in the donation segments
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30 Jan
Not sure where my earned sats for listening are going… but eventually I’ll get this fingered out.. I’m all caught up on episodes now, so I’ll be suffering through a dry spell until the next episode!
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30 Jan
Just discovered this show. Great to hear Adam Curry's voice again. Remember him for the dutch TV show "Countdown" back in the '80's and '90's. His radio show back i those days "Curry en van Inkel" was 1 in a million. Keep going! (sorry don't have much sats, just started)