493: Network Nirvana
493: Network Nirvana
LINUX Unplugged

Chris' sticky upgrade situation, and we chat with the developer behind an impressive mesh VPN with new tricks.

Special Guest: Ryan Huber.

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20,480 sats
21 Jan
Digging the segment on Nebula / Defined Networking. I'm interested in ACLs to control what my various family members self hosted setups can access on each of our LANs (Jellyfin yes, Photo Backup yes, File Server no, etc). Is this part of the free tier? Thanks for introducing me to this tool! - Tim [BTW totally still recommend Cash App for funding Fountain.fm wallet instantly. Tested Moonpay integration tonight and has a significantly longer delay to fund the wallet. Instant vs ~90 minutes]
5,000 sats
16 Jan
I run the JahNome version of Jeruda. I found it a bit more approachable than the funked out KDE version. Another quite nice Arch based distro is CachyOS. Also +1 for more Sir Terry Pratchett.
4,930 sats
17 Jan
A note on restic - it supports mounting your backups directly on your local machine from the remote, which allows you to browse and selectively restore files using your file manager of choice
3,690 sats
17 Jan
on and off sight Backus all on zfs true ZnapZend.
2,222 sats
17 Jan
I’m using restic right now and storing in Backblaze
2,222 sats
16 Jan
Go to Scale! I’m hoping to go too
1,000 sats
19 Jan
Skip SCALE. Prep for Linuxfest NW!
444 sats
22 Jan
Row of sitting guys? A not so long time listener, second time booster here. Decided to send some of the sats I have earned from Fountain. I decided to try micro text editor because you talked about it in the Tuxies honourable mentions and I'm loving it. It's the best text editor I have used. It's easy to use and configure. I even got rust-analyzer working after some tinkering. And it's gif (/gif/). Greetings from the land of Linus Torvalds ([ˈliːnʉs ˈtuːrvɑlds] try pronouncing that), Finland.
100 sats
22 Jan
Backups: good old tar your files and send them off-site via api and provider of your choice.