29: "Card Meister"
29: "Card Meister"
Curry and The Keeper

Curry & The Keeper - January 4th 2023 Episode 29 - "Card Meister"


New Website

Mike the cop

75 Hard update

Pastor Jimmy Podcast


Age is No Excuse - by Tina Curry - The Counter Edit

Yoga + Beef


Progressive Dinner

Texting & Driving

Buying Bitcoin

Fashion Show


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18 Jan
Since my other two boosts for this episode had an error on the curry and the keeper wallet, I figured I’d try again, plus I simply had to donate more than Brian. Love you no homo Brian. Keep up the great work Adam and Tina!
100,001 sats
18 Jan
While everyone has probably already broken their New Year’s resolution, remember it’s not too late to start over. I have 3 easy examples if you’ need something you can stick with: 1. Everyday do something nice for someone else. 2. Everyday make somebody smile. 3. Boost this show or I will tell everyone that you kick puppies. Much love to all of Vineyard Nation. Everyone be well. Fill your wallets. And send sats. For just a dollar per episode, you can help feed a dog in Fredericksburg.
100,000 sats
5 Jan
Your bi-weekly fun, authentic, witty banter entertains and delights me. I appreciate you both.
100,000 sats
6 Jan
Trying again to provide the value you deserve.
33,333 sats
29 Mar
Dear Tina (and Adam), I’m still waiting for an east coast Keep Up Meetup. That way I can hand you a doggie planter box in person. Phoebe is a white lab, right? Everyone else in vineyard nation can go to sketchycuts.com to order one. Over 40 breeds to choose from. Artisinally made to order in small batches. Custom coloring available to match your dog. Only at sketchycuts.com. 73s-and 88s from N3QZC, Sir cumferance, wavking, advertising…call me whatever you want.
33,015 sats
16 Jan
Tina, Your podcasting prowess continues to provide proof to the corksoaker crew that your personal producer, our podfather, is indeed the luckiest man he knows! We're thrilled to send you this stack of SATs and request that you gently be reminded of the a.i. dot cooking show, which provides a recipe for remaining informed about artificial intelligence. Written by doodler CSB, read by rock'n'roller GWFF. Yo! - CSB
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14 Mar
I love this show and look forward to it every two weeks. Some podcasts sit in my player until I get around to them. This one is an instant listen. I also love my fellow cork soakers. They have been the biggest supporters of Sketchycuts woodcrafts. No AI here. Everything is made by hand, by me, in my humble little garage wood shop. I‘ve been making dog shaped planter boxes lately and everyone just loves them. You can see them at sketchycuts.com. Woof.
10,000 sats
22 Jan
loving the show!
10,000 sats
9 Jan
Happy New Years, heres to more Curry and The Keeper podcasts that provide real value for value with your conversations about life and opportunities. #CorkSoakersUnited
7,050 sats
9 Jan
All my SATs since I started using the Fountain app last year. Please decant me and I'm looking forward to the next year. - Matt, KR8E
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9 Jan
3,333 sats
5 Jan
Here are Quad Threes so I can hear Jame Dennifer's sexy, sultry voice. Love you two, mean it, no homo :-) Sir A.J. , Viscount of Idaho.
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6 Jan
Love the show and following your journeys in finding God in your own ways. Happy New Year!
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8 Jan
supergezellige podcast!! Happy New Year boost!
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5 Jan
1,000 sats
7 Jan
Phoebe might benefit from hemp treats when fireworks are going on. also, some dogs are comforted by Thunder Shirts.
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10 Jan
So love and appreciate you both! it’s a joy doing life with C&TK 😎
100 sats
5 Jan
Rebel boost