The Awakening Ep644
The Awakening Ep644
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 644 of Bitcoin And . . .
Topics for today:
- R.I.P. @GhostOfNunya: Twitter banned me, again
- FTX "Unprecedented Failure"
- #ElSalvador to DCA #BTC
- Blockstream launches BOL2
- Trading is just gambling
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20,000 sats
20 Nov
try not to type while driving. i should follow my own advice
7,777 sats
18 Nov
A run on paper bitcoin vs. real bitcoin is what collapsed the ponzis, all the way up to FTX and beyond; This is the power of a truly digitally scarce asset in self custody.
333 sats
18 Nov
Gold conspiracies? A conundrum wrapped in an enigma & the Internet loves to block quality data on monoatomic elements. Natural in Tigris/Euphrates monoatomic gold is abundant in Hawaii & Phoenix Moses not only took the golden calf but he burned it, ground it up & fed it to the Israelites Rediscovered by a farmer named David Hudson Monoatomic arranged molecules occur in the heavy and light platinum group
19 Nov
thank you!