25: "Hotflash Redux"
25: "Hotflash Redux"
Curry and The Keeper

Curry & The Keeper - November 9th 2022 Episode 25 - "Hotflash Redux"


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Julie toilet lid

Christianity club and distance from others who don't comprehend

Drinking Ann's wine

Richard cleaners text



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21 Nov
on today’s episode of law & order, we have the case of who left the lid up. the defense would like to refer the jury to the forensic evidence proving that defendant B never once entered the bathroom. sorry Julie. May God have mercy on your soul. Executine Producer Dick Wolf
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10 Nov
Tina, It was great getting to meet you in person at the Kill it & Grill it. This podcast has really helped me show the V4V in relationships with the foundation of communication. We will get that wine to you for our appreciation for what you both give to us. MrRobot #CorkSoakers Unite 🍷
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10 Nov
Beto would have brought this show (and many others) to the next level,..too bad. Resist we much here in NYS, our governor elect would like us to all be her apostles. She also is trying to ban wood stoves!!!...My wife may never have the chance to load a gasifier at 45mph. We dont want to go out like that. lol
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11 Nov
You always put the seat down so nothing get knocked into the toilet by accident. Case closed.
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10 Nov
hmm thats a familiar length. omg now the question the world has been waiting on. we have an answer. winner winner chicken dinner
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10 Nov
Thanks for the fun and the laughs.
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11 Nov
i wish I had done Rim-to-Rim 36 years in a row, but, sadly, I did it once 36 years ago.
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10 Nov
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11 Nov
Congratulations, Tina on your baptism!
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10 Nov