EP62: While We Wait with @danWilcz
EP62: While We Wait with @danWilcz
2-Bit Idiots

Bitcoin is a game of patience.  Daniel has been here a while and has shown more patience than most.

Founder of HardBlock.com.au – Australia's oldest Bitcoin only exchange – he's stayed true to his principles since finding Bitcoin in 2013.  There have been hurdles and challenges along the way.  Brendo and I sat down with him to hear his story and seek his advice.  It left us with plenty to consider.  We discuss:

  • What it’s like being in Bitcoin full-time for 9 years
  • Starting a Bitcoin business 4 months after discovering Bitcoin
  • Jumping in on the 2013 price spike, and being underwater for 2 years
  • Coming from a computer system engineering and economics background
  • His rapid fall down the rabbit hole
  • Never really having a “real job”
  • Seeing a Bitcoin therapist
  • Being part of a social revolution
  • Managing risk in a Bitcoin business
  • Being de-banked more than 20 times
  • Building a service you’re happy to recommend to family and friends
  • Encouraging customers to self-custody
  • Shitcoin casinos
  • Can you build a Bitcoin only business and why
  • Industry bodies
  • The ethics of advertising
  • How you reach decisions
  • Can a business outperform Bitcoin
  • Local not global

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4 Mar
It is nice to listen this epicso. I think Bitcoin, the world's first decentralized digital currency, has been a hot topic of discussion in the financial world since its launch in 2009. Its increasing popularity has attracted both traders and investors to the crypto market, looking for opportunities to make profits. However, like any other asset, Bitcoin has its good and bad. Therefore, it is worth noting that Bitcoin's volatility can also work against traders, leading to significant losse
4 Mar
Thanks Carol. As you allude to, no one should over extend themselves and should spend time learning what Bitcoin is to help build their conviction. www.bitcoin-first.com/learn has many free resources to do just that. Thanks for listening and we appreciate the boost.
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25 Feb
nice dude, I love bitcoiners 🤙
25 Feb
They're the best. 🤜🤛
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7 Jan
love the into!!!!!! -mcintosh
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5 Jan
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26 Dec
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7 Jan
glad you are thinking about monetization and not just accepting every sponsor who comes along. there is a very “Bitcoin centric” way of approaching this .. https://value4value.info/
25 Feb
Agreed. Value 4 Value will be integrated everywhere soon. Lightning changes everything.
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28 Mar
Love the Matrix intro!