1500 - "No Evidence"
1500 - "No Evidence"
No Agenda

No Agenda Episode 1500 - "No Evidence"

"No Evidence"

Executive Producers:

David Rosa

Sir Hey Idiot

David McCall Jr

Dreb Scott

Sir Brian Maas

Sir Frank Ajzensztat

Sir Matthew Petty

Brian Mosier

Richard Leone

Sara and Pat Wood

Christian Lehr

David Adrian

Sir Codes-A-Lot of Southern Nye County, Land of Hookers and Weed

Chris Hadsell, Sir Ree Brawl

Sir Michael Dunn

Stephen Skeels

Andrew Feltz

Karl Leipold

Allen Smith

James Shaw

Myron Weber

Richard Smedley

Josh Cox

Emily Cooper

Sir Shortstack

Sean Westerhouse

Sircuss Media

Spencer Sumner

David Guiot (pronounced Ghee-oh with a hard G like in geese)

Sir Austin Paris

Heather Otteson

David Silberstein

richard kamphuis

Kolomona (coal oh mona)


Richard Gelb

ANDREW PGeraghty

Sir Snide, Knighterrant of the OT Networks

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Brett Carlson

Gregory Blonigen

Dame G$

Alex Marsh

James Jeffers

David James

gregory calderwood

Scott Gorman

Dan Dudas

David Fugazzotto

Larry Babcock

Landon Ketchersid

Jeremiah Lambo

Job Born

Teresa Shellnut


Sir Rob - Knight of the Philanthropic Shareholders Federation

Sir Steiner the Ex-pat from Spokanistan

Brandon Peak

Stephen Skeels

Wolfgang Helfricht

Daniel Strack

Robert Kirkpatrick

Tyler Robinson

Aeron Sinclaire

Damien Alleyne

Tom Barrett

Chris Baker

James Nittel

matthew manzano

Dustin See

Megan Davis

David Malott

Cogent Business Solutions

Robert Wilson


Travis Robinson

John Davenport

Christopher Eisenhart

Nathan Sweem

Trey Erenberger


Daron Macke

Ryan Alba


HJCJ Holtman

cody rogers

Russ Cheatwood

Anonymous' Hubby

Sir Chrisbac

Derrick VonderHaar

Justin Coyle


Bryan Enderle

Dillon Kathrens

Dame Astrid Klein, Duchess of Japan and all the Disputed Islands

in the Japan Sea

Stacey L Ban

Ryan Sturko

Jason Shiffer

Christopher Eaton

Ralph Johnston

Ronald McNany

Jaret Schuler

Rich Stafford

Kevin Fusco

Sir Steven of the Big Horn Basin

peter hahn

Colin Cunningham

Bobby Morris



Ron Nelson

Will Craghead

Sir Codes-A-Lot of Southern Nye County

Zachary Gill

Jaren Clark

Sir Mark Duke of Japan,

Japan Sea and all disputed Islands

Curtis Rose

Mel B

Allan Burns



Josh Doubrava

Sir Nein


Gregory William Forsyth-Foreman

Sir Scovee of the Piedmont

Sean Collier

Jacob Wicklund

Sir Jaymo of North Central Idaho

Cole Hill

Michael Burdett

Darren Friedlein

James Boyle


Hagan Fox

Daniel Shorr

lu fang

Jonathan Spencer

Gregory Speed

John Lesinski

Mark Pugner

Brandon Thrasher

Sir Dirty Dick Bangs of DC

Wu-Tang Ham

Tom Reynolds

Alan Sibley

Robert Willey

David Cox

Chris Hollman

Sir Erik & Dame Courtney

roberto maiatico

Matt Shellnut

Paul Deffes

Wilkinson Therio

Abigail Hines

Peter Rosinski

Brian Kashas

Brainy Atom LLC

Jason Forcier

Ed Coda

Adam Engh

Bobby Morris

Michael Cislo

Sir Christopher Brike

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Happy 1500! Thanks for so many shows of sanity.
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10 sats per episode in the can! it’s been a wild and fun ride since I started listening to John and Adam about ten years ago. The new website looks good too.
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I didnt see mutton on K&Cs product sheet. I guess I dont know the mutton man, but I do know the Great I Am. 1st K&C order in bound! Thanks for the first 1500!
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Go podcasting! Much love to both of you and everybody making No Agenda a reality!
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TYFYC & Happy Episode 1500!
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happy 1500 gentlemen. ITM
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1500 for 1500
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Happy 15th boys!!!!
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Totally understand the necessary changes in reading credits. I always listen to them all, but there is a limit to what most people will listen through.
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are we entirely sure CISA isn’t pronounced “see-say”???
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Karma for all
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antibidies in pregnant PEOPLE???
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