Building Upon A Solid Base | Kyrin's Goals For 2023
Building Upon A Solid Base | Kyrin's Goals For 2023
Mere Mortals

It's one of my favourite sessions because my yearly goals are kicking off at the start of October.

In Episode #334 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: what Juan thinks I'll be focusing upon, why I only have 8 goals every year, the murkiness of lack of definition for this year, why I haven't included any numbers to be striving for, aiming for 80% handstands and 20% calisthenics, the fitness challenge to get a One Arm Handstand & strong pressing movements and the desire for spontaneity and living in the present moment.

A huge thanks to Dave, Petar and anonymous, you're all essential in keeping this party rolling!

As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!

(0:00) - Round up of 2022 goals
(1:49) - Juan's predictions
(3:55) - Context for my long term goals
(5:30) - Partner: Find an interesting chick
(11:42) - Relationships: Proactive in communities
(14:42) - Financial: No overexposure but experiment
(20:41) - Health: Full front, middle splits & pancake
(22:44) - Boostagram Lounge
(27:13) - Spirituality: Create memorable moments
(35:38) - Travel Prioritise German & Spanish convos
(40:33) - Character: Figure & fix my bad tendencies
(41:39) - Knowledge/Skills: Understand basic coding
(47:58) - Fitness Challenge
(53:52) - Juan's impressions
(59:21) - Tune in to the monthly goals for action

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nice episode guys!! love the transparency! -McIntosh