Ricky Spanish - Escaping The Military And The Fiat Monetary System. #282
Ricky Spanish - Escaping The Military And The Fiat Monetary System. #282
Once Bitten! A Bitcoin Podcast.

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Today's guest on the show is anon Ricky Spanish who joins me to recount his stories of escaping the British Army, waking up to the manipulation of society and finding #Bitcoin.

How was Ricky injured in the army and why did an elongated stint in a hospital bed help him see through the whole system?

What events have led Ricky to the #Bitcoin rabbit hole and how did the military recruit then abandon him?

Why is the state a complete joke and how does mainstream media coerce, coordinate and manipulate society?

A huge thanks to Ricky for sharing his life story and for Orange Pilling as many people as he can!

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500 sats
26 Sep
awesome show, what an interesting history Tony has. So much respect for how he's got the word out by himself.
200 sats
25 Sep
What a guy. 😁
121 sats
25 Sep
One of the most interesting guests you have ever had on 👍
50 sats
25 Sep
fantastic guest. What is a greater service to people the orange pill or military service...🤓🤯
50 sats
26 Sep
21 sats
25 Sep
Danny, this guy is amazing. I can relate. Not that I've been shot. I'm a firefighter but I hear Tony
21 sats
25 Sep
Kids grow up so fast
10 sats
26 Sep
EVs are not idiotic. but the government that pushes them is
10 sats
29 Sep