Bitcoin is a passive index fund to global productivity
The "What is Money?" Show
Bitcoin is a passive index fund to global productivity
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In April 2020, after watching Eric Weinstein’s appearance on Joe Rogan (episode #1453), Chris Espley wrote a thread on Twitter which gave a Bitcoiner’s perspective on some of the societal problems Weinstein had identified.


Bitcoiners aren’t a homogenous group, but the thread proved popular, suggesting the themes resonated with a significant number of Bitcoiners and explained their perspective well.


In this episode of the What is Money? Show, Robert Breedlove and Chris Espley explore and expand on the themes discussed within the original thread.


00:00:04 – 00:05:14 Why Eric Weinstein?

00:05:15 - 00:09:57The purpose of this conversation - Building our Portal

00:09:58 - 00:15:33Zooming out - The parameters of our Portal

We’re living through cultural and economy decay

00:15:33 - 00:23:18 Bitcoiners vs. Weinstein – What we agree on (Or: We’re living through cultural and economic decay

00:23:19 - 00:27:40 WTF happened in 1971? – Systemic Rot

00:27:41 - 00:31:42 Skin in the Game – The limits of the Keynesian perspective

00:31:44 - 00:33:41A stall in innovation in physics - Weinstein’s perspective

Why mainstream explanations come up short

00:33:42 - 00:38:02The money is the root, not theoretical physics

00:38:03 - 00:44:09Keynesian’s are too zoomed in

00:44:06 - 00:47:07Gen X vs. Millennial perspectives

00:47:08 - 00:53:46Millennial disillusionment in art and popular culture

00:53:46 - 01:03:54The monetary system is the unseen cause

01:03:58 - 01:14:23Meme wars - Why Bitcoin wins

The history of money

01:14:24 - 01:19:08The function of money

01:19:08 - 01:21:16Why gold emerged as money

01:21:17 - 01:22:33How gold empowered civilisations to become great

01:22:34 - 01:26:56Why we moved beyond gold

01:26:58 - 01:32:29Money, standards and social scalability

Fiat money is the root of the problem

01:32:37 - 01:42:21Money is the base layer of civilisation

01:38:39 - 01:42:20Fiat money is decivilizing

01:42:21 - 01:52:20Corrupting the money is the cause of decay

01:52:20 - 01:56:57The problems with Weinstein’s perspective

How problems with the money are causing societal decay

01:57:02 - 02:03:10Fiat money robs society of its course-correction mechanism

02:03:12 - 02:06:42Fiat money insulates society from the consequences of its actions

02:06:43 - 02:09:34Fiat money gives power to Wall Street

02:09:35 - 02:14:41Good money creates great civilizations 

02:14:42 - 02:20:55Fiat money embeds dishonesty into the system

Bitcoin is the solution, Bitcoin is the future

02:30:44 - 02:30:43Bitcoin is the bedrock for a new society, economy and morality

02:33:22 - 02:33:21To understand Bitcoin’s implications is to understand the future

02:38:57 - 02:38:56Bitcoin accelerates the transition to the digital age

02:58:20 - 03:05:51A Bitcoin future is a hopeful future


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